An international charity dedicated to helping Diabetes patients, supporting research into the best methods of treating diabetes, and helping provide to those institutions that continue the fight against diabetes.

Diabetes Research & Treatment Fund (DRTF) is dedicated to providing information and assistance to the general public concerning diabetes.  In addition, we collect and distribute information and educate the public nutrition, which have proven healing qualities, with emphasis placed on the treatment and prevention of diabetes.

Diabetes Research & Treatment Fund also provides support and medical equipment and supplies to other non-profit organizations, hospitals and clinics.

Health screening, complimentary therapies, counseling and other general help and assistance is also provided to diabetes patients and their families through a clinic we support in Mexico.

Diabetes Research & Treatment Fund directs its efforts and resources towards supporting programs, clinics, and hospitals that teach the public about complimentary therapies for treatment of diabetes and other degenerative diseases.

WHAT WE  DO diabetes nutrition, diabetes research, diabetes symptoms!